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Discord Bot

The webiste has its own Discord bot that is used to pull live information from the website to any Discord server.

Click here to add the bot to your Discord server.

Click here to read the Terms of Service.

Available Commands

The following commands are currently available.
Note: arguments in [brackets] are optional.

/guru -- displays information about an item /baby -- displays information about a co-op baby /wisp -- displays Book of Virtues synergy for an active item /belial -- displays Judas' Birthright + Book of Belial synergy for an active item /abyss -- displays Abyss synergy for an item /birthright -- displays Birthright synergy for a character /spindown -- displays a list of Spindown Dice interactions for an item /pools -- displays in which item pools an item belongs to /tags -- displays tags associated with an item /unlock -- displays unlock method for an item /costume -- displays an item's costume /mods -- displays a list of currently supported mods /video -- displays an item's IsaacGuru YouTube video [[item]] -- displays a link to the item's Wiki page {{item}} -- displays a link to the item's IsaacGuru page


Some aspects of the bot can be modified by using the /config setting value command.
By default, this command is only available for users with the "ban members" permission.

If ommited, the value parameter will display the current value of the setting.
If set to reset, the setting will be reset to its default value.

The following settings are currently available:

Terms of Service

By adding the bot to your server you agree to follow the Terms of Service set below.

General Terms

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