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About the Website

IsaacGuru's Item Laboratory is a website that shows brief information about every item in The Binding of Isaac.

This includes not only items, but also trinkets, pickups, consumables, machines, characters, transformations, curses, and much more!

The website is created and personally maintained by YouTuber IsaacGuru, as an ultimate addition to the ongoing showcase series for various items in the game.

The website also includes items from popular mods, which makes it stand out from other similar websites, and even the Wiki itself!

Everything here is based on the latest version of the game (currently 1.7.9b). Older DLCs are not supported, mainly because of modded items being added which usually require the Repentance DLC and latest version of the game in order to work properly. Respectively, mods are also based on their latest versions.

How does it work?

All of the previously mentioned items are listed on the main page, categorized by their type (item, trinket, etc). By hovering the mouse over any item, information is instantly displayed in the description box on the left of the page.

You can click on the item's icon in order to freeze its description for 3 seconds, allowing you to freely move your mouse over to the description box. The freeze duration is indicated by a charge-bar in the top left corner.

The information shown in the description box includes the following:

The search box on top of the page can be used to easily search for any item by typing in its name, short description, color, and even some custom keywords that are manually defined for every item.

Additionally, special filters can be used in the search box in order to perform a more detailed search:

Veracity & Accuracy

Veracity & Accuracy of items shown on IsaacGuru's Item Laboratory is the most important aspect of the website, and something that makes it stand out when compared to other similar websites.

This website uses a custom-made script which reads information directly from the game's .xml files and automatically places them in the description box. This means that there is no possibility of error when it comes to the main elements of the items' description boxes, and the only manual part is the detailed description (see illustration below).

In a similar fashion, other elements are also automated when possible, such as the Item pools and Item tags pages, Co-op babies, etc, by reading directly from the .xml files.

Manual descriptions are very carefully checked. Every item was manually tested instead of relying directly on the information from the Wiki. In fact, a lot of information was corrected on the Wiki too whilst making the website. Over a year of dedicated work was put into making sure that everything is as accurate as possible, which is evident by the timeline.

Of course, when manual work is done, mistakes are inevitable. Many such mistakes were corrected based on user reports in the Discord server, and various feedback received.

What else is there?

Apart from items, dedicated pages also exist for Item Pools and Item tags, allowing you to browse to all of them and see which items can be found in the specific item pools and which items have the specified item tags.

Co-op babies are also a part of the website. Information about their special effects and unlock condition is included, as well as their full animations!

All console commands are listed in a big table, with detailed description and examples included about their usage.

Cutscenes & Endings can be easily browsed and viewed directly from the website.

The IsaacGuru Discord bot can be added to any Discord server. It allows users to pull live information for any item available on the website via the usage of commands.

EASTER EGGS! There are over 100 hidden Easter Eggs around the website, mainly revolving around items (try clicking some of their icons in the description box).


The Settings page allows users to customize their viewing experience via various settings, such as changing the items icon size, toggling animated icons, zoom effects, toggling the custom mouse pointer, and much more!

From here users can select which mods will display on the website. Modded items from enabled mods will be shown alongside the default game items.

The entire website theme can be changed, affecting the background and accent of some elements such as the search box and scroll bar. A background is available for every unique floor in the game, as well as some additional content and backgrounds from supported mods!

Mod Support

As mentioned previously, the website supports a variety of popular mods, with more and more mods planned to being added in the future.

The following mods are currently supported:

Report a Bug

Bugs and wrong information can be reported in the Discord server, in the dedicated #bugs-and-issues channel for the website. I tend to respond to bug reports within 24 hours and immediately correct any wrong piece of information that users might have stumbled upon.


Special thanks to the following Discord users for their contributions to the website: