21 April, 2024: Console commands have been officially added to the website, as well as transformations as separate entires in list below.
Welcome to IsaacGuru's Item Laboratory!
This website shows detailed description about all items available in The Binding of Isaac.

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Note that the website supports modded items.

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▾ITEMS ()▾

Fiddle CubeDogboard


Extra VesselVessel RockDogrock RockSand CastleFractal Geode


Half Black HeartBlended Black HeartHalf Immoral HeartImmoral HeartBlended Immoral HeartMorbid HeartTwo-Thirds Morbid HeartThird Morbid HeartFull Eternal HeartDouble Full Eternal HeartCursed PennyGolden Cursed PennyHaunted PennyHoney PennyLego StudTokenCharged Spicy KeySuper Charged Spicy KeyFirework BatteryVirtuous BatteryBlood SackDire Chest


Storage BatteryCorroded Battery


Mining MachineBismuth BeggarSourpussUnfinished GolemGeode GolemBabiMidarizerSweetpussBlacksmithZodiac BeggarRobot TellerEvil BeggarFake BeggarDealerCell GameHug BeggarCosplay BeggarPhone BoothGolden Slot MachineJukeboxVending MachinePoker TableGrid Restock Machine




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