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#664Binge Eater"All you can eat"Passive item
On pickup +1 full Red Heart Container.

Fully heals Isaac.

While heldCauses item pedestals to have an additional food item which cycles alongside the original item.

Picking up the food item grants Isaac with the following:
+3.6 damage which fades over 30 seconds. This boost cannot be stacked and will be reset to 3.6 by picking up additional food items.
0.03 speed.
• A permanent boost to 2 stats depending on the food item consumed.
• +1 additional red heart heal.

Stat boosts are different based on the item consumed:
Breakfast: +0.2 shot speed, +2.5 range.
Dessert: +1 flat damage, +0.2 shot speed.
Dinner: +0.5 tears, +0.2 shot speed.
Lunch: +0.5 tears, +2.5 range.
Midnight Snack: +1 flat damage, +1 luck.
Rotten Meat: +1 flat damage, +2.5 range.
A Snack: +0.2 shot speed, +1 luck.
Supper: +0.5 tears, +1 luck.
Tea: +1.5 range, +1 luck.

Stat boosts also work retroactively, meaning that picking up Binge Eater will grant all relevant stat boosts from food items previously collected, excluding the additional healing provided by them.

Certain item pedestals that are required to progress the game won't gain the additional food item.

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