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#477Void"Consume"Active item (6 rooms recharge time)
Absorbs and removes all items in the room. Cannot absorb items that require payment.

If an active item is absorbed Void will grant the activated ability of that item, allowing it to be activated when Void is used again, simultaneously will all other absorbed active items.

Items are activated in the same order they were absorbed in.

Passive effects of asorbed active items are not gained.

If a passive item is absorbed Isaac gains 2 random stat boosts from the following list:
+1 damage.
+0.5 fire rate.
+0.2 speed.
+0.2 shot speed.
+1 luck.
+2.5 range.

Cannot increase stats above their maximum allowed values. If such a stat is chosen, it will effectively do nothing to it.

Items can be absorbed while the pickup animation is playing, i.e. when Isaac holds the item above his head. This can be used to absorb items from shops or devil deals after purchasing them, or during Curse of the Blind.

Absorbing items counts as Isaac taking them, thus will activate Boss Rush, Challenge Rooms and similar mechanics.

If Void is used in a room with multiple item pedestals, only one of them will be absorbed, while the others will vanish as if Isaac took them.

Using multiple copies of an active item will activate those items' effects equally as many times.

One time use items can still be used only once.

Unlock: Defeat Delirium as Apollyon.

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