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#33Tainted Keeper"Better shops; greed is good"Character


0 coins, 1 bomb, 0 keys.

Starting items
No starting items.

Shoots 4 tears in a spread at once, similar to Mutant Spider.

Uses coins as heart containers, starting with 2, and losing 1 each time he's hit. Health is replenished by picking up coins off the ground (1 Penny = 1 heart container). Doing so does not add a coin to his coin counter.

If a heart container is lost, it can be replenished with an HP up item.

The maximum number of coin heart containers that can be acquired via normal HP up items is 2.

A random coin is dropped from enemies killed. The coin disappears after 2 seconds unless picked up.

Champion enemies and mini-bosses drop 2 coins, while bosses drop several coins that take longer to disappear.

Enemies spawned later in the room are not guaranteed to spawn a coin. This chance decreases as more enemies spawn, and coins will eventually stop spawning in that room.

All items encountered must be paid for in order to be picked up, including ones in Treasure Rooms, Boss Rooms, Angel Rooms, Devil Rooms, etc.

They will cost either 15¢ or 30¢ depending on their heart container price if they would appear in a Devil Deal, or 10¢ for specific Shop items.

Items with the quest tag, and some set drops such as items from mini-bosses, chests, rocks, beggars/machines, etc, do not require payment.

Shops do not require a key to open and have much more stock to offer, going up to 8 items/pickups for sale in a fully upgraded Shop.

Shops will contain at least 1 Shop item, 1 Boss item, and 2 Treasure Room items. The other 4 slots can be keys, bombs, cards, pills, and trinkets that are sold for 5¢.

All heart pickups are converted into 1-5 Blue Flies depending on the heart's quality.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as Keeper.

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D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



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