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#23Tainted Cain"No destiny"Character

(4.20; ×1.2)

0 coins, 0 bombs, 1 key.

Starting items
Bag of Crafting (consumable slot)

Can only shoot tears from his right eye.

Cannot pick up any items and must use the Bag of Crafting to obtain them.

Touching an item pedestal will convert it into an assortment of pickups. An exception to this rule are items with the quest tag.

Specific pickups are dropped when touching items based on the current room:
Secret Room: Bone Hearts
Curse Room: Rotten Hearts
Planetarium: random runes
Devil Room: Black Hearts
Angel Room Eternal Hearts

Crafting an active item will transform the old active item into pickups instead of dropping it.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as Cain.

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D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



HeartHeart (half)Heart (soul)Heart (eternal)Heart (double)Black HeartGold HeartHeart (half soul)Scared HeartBlended HeartBone HeartRotten HeartPennyNickelDimeDouble PennyLucky PennySticky NickelGolden PennyKeyGolden KeyKey RingCharged KeyGolden BombGolden Troll BombGiga BombMega ChestMom's ChestMega BatteryGolden Battery


HagalazJeraEhwazDagazAnsuzPerthroBerkanoAlgizGolden PillGolden Horse Pill


Slot MachineBlood Donation MachineFortune Telling MachineBeggarDevil BeggarShell GameKey MasterDonation MachineBomb BumShop Restock MachineGreed Donation MachineMom's Dressing TableBattery BumHell GameCrane GameConfessionalRotten Beggar


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Fun GuyConjoinedLeviathan


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