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#496Euthanasia"Needle shot"Passive item
Adds a luck-based chance to fire needles that instantly kill non-boss enemies and causes them to burst into 10 tears in all directions.

Needles deal 3x Isaac's damage to bosses and mini-bosses.

Tears from the burst shot can still become needles, but do not retain their insta-kill capabilities. They still do 3x Isaac's damage.

The chance to fire a needle starts at 3.33% with 0 luck, going up to 25% with 15 luck.

Needles can kill otherwise invulnerable enemies, such as Peep's eyes, Death's Heads and Stoneys & Stone Grimaces.

This item contributes towards the Spun transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will grant Isaac +2 damage, +0.15 speed and spawn a random pill.
Unlock: Defeat Delirium as Lilith.

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