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#31Tainted Lost"Better items; no mantle"Character
(4.55; ×1.3)

1 coin, 0 bombs, 0 keys.

Starting items
Holy Card

Has no health and dies in one hit.

Has the ability to fly.

Shoots spectral tears.

Can take Devil Deals and other items that require health containers in order to purchase for free. Doing so will despawn all other items in the room that require health.

All cards have a 10% chance to reroll into Holy Card.

Only items with the offensive and quest tags can be encountered naturally. Other items can only appear by using items such as Spindown Dice, Death Certificate, Soul of Lilith or as set drops from grid entities.

Items with quality 2 or less have a 20% chance of being rerolled.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as The Lost.

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▾ITEMS ()▾

D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



HeartHeart (half)Heart (soul)Heart (eternal)Heart (double)Black HeartGold HeartHeart (half soul)Scared HeartBlended HeartBone HeartRotten HeartPennyNickelDimeDouble PennyLucky PennySticky NickelGolden PennyKeyGolden KeyKey RingCharged KeyGolden BombGolden Troll BombGiga BombMega ChestMom's ChestMega BatteryGolden Battery


HagalazJeraEhwazDagazAnsuzPerthroBerkanoAlgizGolden PillGolden Horse Pill


Slot MachineBlood Donation MachineFortune Telling MachineBeggarDevil BeggarShell GameKey MasterDonation MachineBomb BumShop Restock MachineGreed Donation MachineMom's Dressing TableBattery BumHell GameCrane GameConfessionalRotten Beggar


MagdaleneSamsonAzazelLilithBethanyTainted MagdaleneTainted EveTainted LilithTainted Bethany


▾OTHER ()▾