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#149Ipecac"Explosive shots"Passive item
+40 flat damage.
×0.33 fire rate multiplier.
×0.8 range multiplier.
×0.2 shot speed multiplier.
×0.4 tear size multiplier.

Isaac's tears become explosive and are fired in an arc.

Enemies within the blast radius become poisoned.

Damage multipliers do not affect Ipecac's flat damage bonus.

Ipecac shots deal half a heart of self-damage, and a full heart with 85 or a higher damage stat.

The poison deals damage equal to BaseDamage + 2, and ticks for a total of 2 times. The +40 flat damage does not apply to this formula.

This item contributes towards the Bob transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will make Isaac leave a green posionous creep on the ground that deals 6 damage per second.
Unlock: Defeat Mom's Heart 6 times.

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