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#19Jacob and EsauCharacter







Note: first set shows stats for Jacob, the second one is for Esau.

0 coins, 0 bombs, 0 keys.

Starting items
No starting items.

Consists of 2 characters that move and shoot at the same time.

Holding down the drop button allows Jacob to move independently while Esau stays stationary.

When one character dies, they both die.

They share the same coins, bombs, and keys, but have their own separate stats, health bar, and item inventories.

Esau's health bar and active item is displayed in the lower-right corner. His stats are displayed under Jacob's, and items on the Found HUD are placed on the right side.

Esau's active item can be used by pressing the use consumable button. Using an actual consumable requires holding down the drop button before pressing the corresponding character's active item button.

Placing down a bomb will make both characters place 2 for the price of 1.

With correct timing, it is possible to take 2 items (one for each character) from a set of item pedestals that disappear once one of them is taken.

The speed stat is shared between the characters, and each of them gets half of any speed upgrade.

Transformations are not shared. Each character has their own transformation progress.

Key items such as Key Piece 1 and Key Piece 2 will combine regardless of which character picked them up.

The luck stat is combined for game events that depend on the character's luck.

Unlock: Defeat Mother.

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D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



HeartHeart (half)Heart (soul)Heart (eternal)Heart (double)Black HeartGold HeartHeart (half soul)Scared HeartBlended HeartBone HeartRotten HeartPennyNickelDimeDouble PennyLucky PennySticky NickelGolden PennyKeyGolden KeyKey RingCharged KeyGolden BombGolden Troll BombGiga BombMega ChestMom's ChestMega BatteryGolden Battery


HagalazJeraEhwazDagazAnsuzPerthroBerkanoAlgizGolden PillGolden Horse Pill


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Fun GuyConjoinedLeviathan


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