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#596Uranus"Ice tears"Passive item
Turns Isaac's tears into icicles that freeze non-boss enemies upon death, turning them into ice statues.

Prevents on-death effects from occurring, such as enemies firing tears on death, exploding, splitting into other enemies, etc.

Frozen enemies can be kicked which makes them slide and leave damaging creep across the room. They shatter and release 10 icicle tears in a circle upon hitting an enemy or a wall.

The on-shatter icicles will slow enemies for 4 seconds or turn them into more ice statues if they deal lethal damage. They deal damage equal to 6 + CurrentFloor, and don't inherit Isaac's tear effects.

The creep rapidly deals 2 damage per tick (20 per second).

Ice statues can be shattered if shot by 10 tears or enemy projectiles, or a single explosion.

Sliding statues deal 35 flat damage to enemies.

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