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#607Boiled Baby"Messy friend"Familiar
Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and fires bursts of tears in all directions at random intervals while in a room with enemies.

The familiar shoots faster the closer it is to an enemy.

Each tear fired by the familiar does either 3.5 or 5.25 damage.

This item contributes towards the Conjoined transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will make Isaac shoot in 3 directions at the cost of -0.3 damage and -0.3 tears

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D infinity Dogma Jar of Wisps Flip Everything Jar



Heart Heart (half) Heart (soul) Heart (eternal) Heart (double) Black Heart Gold Heart Heart (half soul) Scared Heart Blended Heart Bone Heart Rotten Heart Penny Nickel Dime Double Penny Lucky Penny Sticky Nickel Golden Penny Key Golden Key Key Ring Charged Key Golden Bomb Golden Troll Bomb Giga Bomb Mega Chest Mom's Chest Mega Battery Golden Battery


Hagalaz Jera Ehwaz Dagaz Ansuz Perthro Berkano Algiz Golden Pill Golden Horse Pill


Slot Machine Blood Donation Machine Fortune Telling Machine Beggar Devil Beggar Shell Game Key Master Donation Machine Bomb Bum Shop Restock Machine Greed Donation Machine Mom's Dressing Table Battery Bum Hell Game Crane Game Confessional Rotten Beggar


Magdalene Samson Azazel Lilith Bethany Tainted Magdalene Tainted Eve Tainted Lilith Tainted Bethany


Fun Guy Conjoined Leviathan