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Welcome to IsaacGuru's Item Laboratory!
This website shows detailed description about all items available in The Binding of Isaac.

Hover over any item on the right side to display information about it.

Click on an item to freeze its description for 3 seconds, and allow interaction with the left-side panel!
Note that the website supports modded items.

Head over to the Settings Page to toggle which items should be displayed from user-made mods.

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Ghastly Flame





Revending MachineVanity Statwheel




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Pact of ChampionsPact of FragilityPact of FrostPact of GroundingPact of HemorrhagePact of Ice WraithPact of MasochismPact of MischiefPact of MitosisPact of ParanoiaPact of PerilPact of PunishmentPact of PurgatoryPact of RevivalPact of Scarcity