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#118Brimstone"Blood laser barrage"Passive item
×0.33 fire rate multiplier.

Replaces Isaac's tears with a laser beam that must be charged.

The beam pierces through enemies and obstacles and has infinite range.

The beam deals damage equal to Isaac's damage each tick. Each shot deals damage for 9 ticks, resulting in a total of 9x Isaac's damage in about ~0.63 seconds.

Starting from 15 fire rate, the beam can last indefinitely as long as a fire button is held. Higher fire rates will result in higher damage per tick and a larger scale.

Acquiring a second copy of Brimstone grants ×1.2 damage multiplier and +1 damage. The width of the laser is doubled as well.

Any additional copies only grant +1 damage.

This item contributes towards the Leviathan transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will grant Isaac flight and +2 Black Hearts.

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