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(4.20; ×1.2)

0 coins, 1 bomb, 0 keys.

Starting items
1¢ after defeating Hush as Keeper.

Store Key after defeating Satan as Keeper.

Wooden Nickel after defeating Isaac as Keeper.

Shoots 3 tears in a spread at once, similar to The Inner Eye.

Uses coins as heart containers, starting with 2, and losing 1 each time he's hit. Health is replenished by picking up coins off the ground (1 Penny = 1 heart container). Doing so does not add a coin to his coin counter.

If a heart container is lost, it can be replenished with an HP up item.

The maximum number of coin heart containers that can be acquired via normal HP up items is 3.

Upon defeating Hush as Keeper, he will start with 3 heart containers.

Devil Deals cost money instead of heart containers, at the rate of 15¢ for an item that would cost 1 heart container, and 30¢ for 2.

All heart pickups are converted into 1-5 Blue Flies depending on the heart's quality.

Unlock: Donate 1000 coins to the Greed Donation Machine.

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