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#25Tainted ???"No bombs; only poop"Character


0 coins, 3 poops, 0 keys.

Starting items
Hold (consumable slot)

Cannot have Red Heart containers. Any item that gives Red Heart containers will grant a Soul Heart instead.

Bomb pickups are replaced with poop pickups. They are displayed on the HUD instead of bombs and up to 9 can be held at a time.

The top-left corner of the screen shows a list of 6 different poop effects in set order.

Attempting to place a bomb will consume a poop and grant the effects of the leftmost shown poop effect.

Poop pickups have a chance to drop when killing enemies, and when dealing damage. Small poop pickups give 1 poop, and large ones give 3.

Items that give bombs will grant a Blue Fly for each bomb they should've given.

Spawns a poop upon death and drops a portion of his currently held poops.

Poop variants
Some poop variants grant a poop that can be thrown, while others activate a one-time effect. Throwables poops deal 15 damage to enemies they hit.


Poop: normal poop just like ones found in regular runs.

Corn Poop: spawns a Blue Fly every 2 seconds. Up to 3 Blue Flies can be around it at a time.

Flaming Poop: deals 22 damage per tick to enemies that touch it. Once destroyed, leaves behind a fire that deals damage up to 3 times before disappearing. The first tick deals 22 damage, the second 16.5, and the third 11.

Stinky Poop: surrounded by a toxic cloud that deals 3.5 damage per tick (10.5 per second). If an explosion hits the cloud, it also explodes dealing 15 damage. When the poop is destroyed, it spawns an even larger toxic cloud that lingers for 5 seconds.

Black Poop: creates slowing black creep in a very small radius. When destroyed, deals 10 damage to all enemies and confuses them for 2 seconds. Creep will be continue to be created even after the poop is destroyed.

White Poop: acts the same as Hallowed Ground.

Stone Poop: hits enemies up to 3 times and takes much longer to break.

Poop Bomb: explodes after 1.5 seconds even if not thrown. Synergizes with bomb effects.


Fart: deals 5 damage, knocks back nearby enemies and projectiles and poisons enemies. Also spawns a toxic cloud that poisons enemies. If caught in an explosion, the cloud also explodes and deals 15 damage.

Explosive Diarrhea: drops 5 live bombs one after the other. They synergize with bomb effects.

Brown Creep: creates a trail of brown creep that lasts for the entire room. It deals 1.5x damage per tick (15x per second). Standing on the creep grants +1 damage, +1.5 tears and other effects depending on what the creep is in contact with:
Black Poop: slows down enemies and grants slowing tears.
Stinky Poop: poisons enemies and grants poison tears.
Flaming Poop: sets enemies on fire and grants Fire Mind tears.
Holy Poop: grants homing tears and 3x tears and damage.
Stone Poop: keeps all extra effects of other poops even if they are destroyed, as long as the Stone Poop itself is not destroyed.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as ???.

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