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#30Tainted Eden"Ever changing"Character







Note: first set of stats is minimum possible stats, second set is the maximum.

0-5 coins, 0-2 bombs, 0-1 keys.

Starting items
0-1 random trinket, pill, or card.
Random active item.
Random passive item.

Starts with randomized stats, items, and hairstyle.

Requires Eden tokens in order to play. Eden tokens are awarded every time one of the following is defeated: Mom's Heart, It Lives, Ultra Greed, or The Beast.

Starting a run as Tainted Eden consumes an Eden token.

Tainted Eden's stat multipliers are not randomized.

Starting items cannot be ones with the noeden tag.

Taking damage causes all of Eden's stats, items, trinkets, consumables, and his hairstyle to be rerolled. Items will reroll into other items from the same pool they were obtained from.

Taking self-damage, such as from a Blood Donation Machine, or dying, will not trigger a reroll.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as Eden.

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▾ITEMS ()▾

D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



HeartHeart (half)Heart (soul)Heart (eternal)Heart (double)Black HeartGold HeartHeart (half soul)Scared HeartBlended HeartBone HeartRotten HeartPennyNickelDimeDouble PennyLucky PennySticky NickelGolden PennyKeyGolden KeyKey RingCharged KeyGolden BombGolden Troll BombGiga BombMega ChestMom's ChestMega BatteryGolden Battery


HagalazJeraEhwazDagazAnsuzPerthroBerkanoAlgizGolden PillGolden Horse Pill


Slot MachineBlood Donation MachineFortune Telling MachineBeggarDevil BeggarShell GameKey MasterDonation MachineBomb BumShop Restock MachineGreed Donation MachineMom's Dressing TableBattery BumHell GameCrane GameConfessionalRotten Beggar


MagdaleneSamsonAzazelLilithBethanyTainted MagdaleneTainted EveTainted LilithTainted Bethany


Fun GuyConjoinedLeviathan


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