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#584Book of Virtues"Spiritual companionship"Active + Passive item (4 rooms recharge time)
While held +25% chance for an Angel Room to appear after defeating a boss.

Guarantees the first deal encountered in a run to be an Angel Room.

Allows an Angel Room to spawn even if a Devil Deal was taken.

When used by itself Spawns an orbital wisp that fires spectral tears alongside Isaac, block shots and deals contact damage to enemies. It will get destroyed after taking enough damage.

A normal wisp is summoned in the middle ring, has 2 health points and tears that deal 3 damage. It deals contact damage equal to 2x Isaac's tear damage.

As the wisp takes damage, it shrinks in size.

While Isaac is invulnerable, wisps are also invulnerable.

Multiple wisps can be summoned at once, and are placed in 3 different rings around Isaac: inner ring (max 6 wisps), middle ring (max 8 wisps), and outer ring (max 12 wisps), for a total of 26 wisps.

If a new wisp is summoned while having the maximum number of wisps, the most damaged wisp or most old will get replaced.

When used with another item Picking up another active item while holding Book of Virtues will stack the new item on top of the book, essentially turning the book into a passive item.

Using the active item will spawn unique wisps that are different for each item. For more details about each active item's unique wisps, check out an active item page.

Unique wisps come with their own appearances, modified attributes and special effects.

This item contributes towards the Bookworm transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will make Isaac fire an extra tear 25% of the time.
Unlock: Defeat Isaac as Bethany.

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