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#16The Forgotten"and The Soul"Character


(1.36; ×0.5)

(5.25; ×1.5)




Note: first set is stats for The Forgotten, second is for The Soul.

0 coins, 0 bombs, 0 keys.

Starting items
No starting items.

Consists of 2 characters (The Forgotten and The Soul) that can be switched by using the drop button.

Both characters share the same health bar, so each form can only have a maximum of 6 heart containers.

If either character dies, both die.

Taking a Devil Deal that requires more heart containers than currently available and switching to the other character before health is deducted will not kill the characters. However, the form that took the deal won't be available to switch to until healed.

The Forgotten
Cannot acquire heart containers. Any regular heart containers will be turned to Bone Hearts, while any Soul Hearts and Black Hearts will be given to The Soul.

The Forgotten uses a bone club that can be swung as a melee weapon instead of firing regular tears.

The club deals 3x damage and deals knockback to enemies and The Forgotten himself. It synergizes with items and tear effects.

Holding down the firing button will charge up an attack that, when released, throws the bone club forward and boomerangs back to The Forgotten.

The attack can be released before fully charged, but it will travel a shorter distance.

The throwing attack deals 1.5x damage and can hit the same enemy twice (once when launched and once when returned).

If the damage stat is lower than 3.5, the throw attack instead deals DamageStat + 1.75 damage.

The bone club passes through walls and obstacles, and can be used to grab pickups from a distance, and even open chests.

The shot speed stat has no effect.

Unlike other characters, breaking a Bone Heart will affect the Devil Deal chance, unless the heart is broken via means of self-sacrifice.

The Soul
The Soul is chained to The Forgotten and can only move a set distance from him.

Cannot have any Red Heart containers. HP up items will grant Soul Hearts instead.

Has the ability to fly and shoots spectral tears.

When playing as The Soul, The Forgotten is immovable, cannot be damaged, and will block shots, as well as attract any projectiles in a very small radius.

1) Have The Lamb defeated at least once.
2) Defeat the first floor boss under a minute. Mom's voice can be heard if successful.
3) Go to the starting room and bomb the shadow on the floor. This will drop Broken Shovel. If no bomb is available, one is guaranteed to spawn from the first sacrifice in the Sacrifice Room.
4) Acquire Broken Shovel by defeating Boss Rush, in order to form Mom's Shovel.
5) Use the item in a dirt patch in the Dark Room.

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