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#625Mega Mush"I'm a big boy now!"Active item (12 rooms recharge time)
(30 seconds cooldown)

×4 damage multiplier.
+2 range.
-1.9 tears.

Turns Isaac into a invincible giant for 30 seconds, persisting between rooms and floors.

Isaac is able to destroy obstacles and doors by walking into them, as well as metal blocks. Cannot destroy doors that require a pickup in order to open.

Isaac deals massive amounts of rapid contact damage to enemies equal to 1 damage per tick (2400 per second).

Different types of weapons (e.g. Brimstone or Mom's Knife) are overwritten while the effect is active. Isaac is only able to shoot regular tears.

Prevents Isaac from using donation mechanics such as Blood Donation Machines or Devil Beggars, since they will get destroyed on contact.

This item contributes towards the Fun Guy transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will give Isaac +1 red heart container.
Unlock: Earn all Hard Mode completion marks for all non-tainted characters.

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