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#704Berserk!"Rip and tear"Active item (recharge by dealing damage to enemies)
+0.4 speed.
+3 flat damage.
+2 fire rate.
×0.5 fire rate multiplier.

Replaces Isaac's tears with a jaw bone similar to The Forgotten's club. It also uses the same synergies as the club.

This effect lasts for 5 seconds.

The jaw bone deals 3x Isaac's damage when swung, and 1.5x Isaac's damage when thrown.

Swinging the jaw bone will reflect enemy shots, and is able to pick up pickups from a distance.

Killing an enemy while in Berserk mode will increase the duration of the effect by 1 second, and grant very brief invincibility that prevents damage from exploding enemies. Duration cannot be increased by more than 5 seconds.

Each enemy killed will also grant +0.4 speed until the effect ends.

Isaac is unable to die while in Berserk mode. His health can go down to 0, but he will not die until the effect ends. During this time, he can heal himself and cheat death.

The item starts at 50% charge when picked up. It is charged by dealing damage to enemies instead of clearing rooms or picking up batteries. To fully charge it, Isaac must deal damage equal to 120 + 40 × CurrentFloor.

Unlock: Defeat Delirium as Tainted Samson.

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