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#37Tainted Jacob"Repent for your sins"Character


0 coins, 0 bombs, 0 keys.

Starting items
Anima Sola (consumable slot)

Unlike Jacob and Esau, Tainted Jacob is the only character that can be controlled, while Esau appears as an enemy known as Dark Esau.

Dark Esau appears in the room Jacob is in, 20-40 seconds after entering the floor. He emerges from a crack in the ground, creating a circle of damaging flames that hurt both enemies (6 damage) and Jacob.

Dark Esau will continuously chase Jacob and persist between rooms, speeding up the further away and slowing down when within a short distance.

When near Jacob and they align in the cardinal directions, Dark Esau will perform a charge attack at Jacob, damaging any enemies in its path while leaving behind a blazing trail that damages enemies and sets them on fire.

Dark Esau deals 30 contact damage per tick to enemies, while his flames deal 10. His charge attack bypasses boss armor.

If Dark Esau touches Jacob, Jacob turns into a ghost similar to The Lost, gaining the ability to fly and shoot spectral tears.

While in ghost form, Jacob will die in one hit or if touched again by Dark Esau. He still has a health bar that can be filled normally, however it is shown faded on the HUD and will not protect against damage.

Devil Deals can be taken for free while a ghost, however only one can be taken in a room, while the others will disappear.

The ghost form persists for the remainder of the floor. Going to the next floor will return Jacob to his normal form.

Using Anima Sola will always prioritize Dark Esau, locking him in place. When the chains break (automatically or by using the item again), Dark Esau will instantly perform his charge attack. This can be used as an offensive mechanic against enemies.

If Anima Sola is used in a room without enemies before Dark Esau has spawned, it will immediately summon him without wasting a charge.

Dark Esau cannot convert Jacob while chained, but still deals contact damage to enemies.

Dark Esau cannot be killed.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as Jacob and Esau.

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