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#29Tainted Lazarus"Between life and death"Character



(5.25; ×1.5)




Note: first set is stats for Tainted Lazarus, second set is for Dead Tainted Lazarus.

0 coins, 0 bombs, 0 keys.

Starting items
Flip (consumable slot)

Has two forms, Tainted Lazarus and Dead Tainted Lazarus, that switch upon every room clear.

Each form has its own health bar, stats, and item inventory.

Flip is shared between the two forms and can be used to switch between them when fully charged.

Items with the lazarusshared tag have their passive effects shared between the two forms. This is also the case for the lazarussharedglobal tag, except for direct stat changes granted by these items.

Unlock: Open up the hidden Red Door in the Home level as Lazarus.

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▾ITEMS ()▾

D infinityDogmaJar of WispsFlipEverything Jar



HeartHeart (half)Heart (soul)Heart (eternal)Heart (double)Black HeartGold HeartHeart (half soul)Scared HeartBlended HeartBone HeartRotten HeartPennyNickelDimeDouble PennyLucky PennySticky NickelGolden PennyKeyGolden KeyKey RingCharged KeyGolden BombGolden Troll BombGiga BombMega ChestMom's ChestMega BatteryGolden Battery


HagalazJeraEhwazDagazAnsuzPerthroBerkanoAlgizGolden PillGolden Horse Pill


Slot MachineBlood Donation MachineFortune Telling MachineBeggarDevil BeggarShell GameKey MasterDonation MachineBomb BumShop Restock MachineGreed Donation MachineMom's Dressing TableBattery BumHell GameCrane GameConfessionalRotten Beggar


MagdaleneSamsonAzazelLilithBethanyTainted MagdaleneTainted EveTainted LilithTainted Bethany


Fun GuyConjoinedLeviathan


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