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#9Skatole"Fly love"Passive item
Causes some fly enemies to transform into neutral flies that deal no damage: Attack Fly, Dart Fly, Eternal Fly, Ring Fly, Army Fly and Swarm.

Causes the following flies to move slower and deal no contact damage: Moter, Level 2 Fly, Bulb, Mama Fly, Bloodfly, Ultra Famine Fly and Ultra Pestilence Fly.

Prevents Pooters and Super Pooters from shooting and makes them slower, prevents Moters from splitting and Bulbs from draining energy.

The following flies move slower and deal no contact damage, but can still damage Isaac through other means: Full Fly, Boom Fly, Red Boom Fly, Drowned Boom Fly, Sucker, Soul Sucker, Split, Ink, Willo, Level 2 Willo, Dragon Fly, Dragon Fly X, Bone Fly, Sick Boom Fly, Tainted Boom Fly and Tainted Sucker.

Can be obtained as a final reward from a Shell Game.

This item contributes towards the Oh Crap transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will grant Isaac the ability to heal half a heart by destroying poop piles.

This item contributes towards the Beelzebub transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will grant Isaac flight, converts small enemy flies into Blue Flies, and permanently charms larger enemy flies.

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