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#576Dirty Mind"Filthy friends"Passive item
Converts all enemy Dips and Drips into Dip familiars.

Grants a chance to replace rocks with poop when generated.

Causes poops to spawn 1-4 Dip familiars when destroyed, which will loosely follow Isaac, block enemy projectiles, and deal contact damage to enemies equal to 2x Isaac's damage.

Dips can deal up to 2 ticks of contact damage and/or block 2 shots before dying.

Different poop variants grant different types of Dip familiars.

Dip variants based on destroyed poop
Corny Poop: Dips spawn a Blue Fly on death.

Red Poop: Dips deal double damage and charge at enemies, but automatically die after 15 seconds.

Golden Poop: Dips have a chance to inflict Midas' Touch on enemies they hit. They can take up to 5 hits before dying.

Rainbow Poop: Dips charm enemies they hit and have a chance to drop half red hearts on death.

Black Poop: Dips leave a trail of slowing creep on the ground.

White Poop: Dips have the Hallowed Ground aura around them, and can take up to 3 hits.

Stone Poop: Dips deal an additional 3.5 damage per hit, and can take up to 6 hits.

Stinky Poop: Dips release toxic gas as they move, and a larger cloud of gas upon death. The gas does 50% of Isaac's damage per tick (~1.2x Isaac's damage per second) and poisons enemies. Clouds left behind while alive last 1.5 seconds, while the on-death cloud lasts 8 seconds.

Fire Poop: Dips set enemies ablaze when hit, and leave behind a fire when they die. The burn deals 3.5 damage up to 6 times. The fire deals 8 damage at full durability, 6 after taking 1 hit, and 4 otherwise, for a total of 22 damage.

This item contributes towards the Oh Crap transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will grant Isaac the ability to heal half a heart by destroying poop piles.
Unlock: Complete challenge #36: Scat Man.

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