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#181White Pony"Flight + holy death"Active item (2 rooms recharge time)
While heldGrants flight and sets Isaac's minimum speed to 1.5. The speed cannot go below this point as long as the item is held.

On useIsaac charges in the direction he's facing, gaining invincibility during the charge and dealing contact damage to enemies while also creating beams of light behind him.

The dash deals DamageStat × 4 + 28.

The dash can persist between multiple rooms if lined up correctly. This means it can be used to enter Curse Rooms for free.

The invincibility will not protect against Blood Donation Machines, Devil Beggars or similar self-sacrifice methods.

The beams of light deal DamageStat × 4 + 10 and trail behind him as he charges.

Can drop by defeating Conquest.

Unlock: Take 10 Angel Room items.

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