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#658Giant Cell"Micro friends"Passive item
Taking damage summons a miniature Isaac familiar known as Minisaac, that chases enemies and fires tears on its own.

Minisaacs' tear damage is based on the formula: 1.20 + 0.15 × CurrentFloor.

The familiar shoots 3 times per second.

Minisaacs persist between rooms and floors.

Each Minisaac starts with 15 health points that are constantly drained with a rate of 0.4 per second, until it reaches 0.8 HP.

Whenever Isaac takes damage, all Minisaacs are healed back to their full health.

Minisaacs take damage from enemy projectiles and contact damage. They can also be damaged by Isaac's bombs.

Minisaacs are immune to spikes and lasers.

No more than 16 Minisaacs can exist at a time.

When playing as The Forgotten, a special Minisaac variant will spawn that inherits the bone club attack. This familiar deals 8.1 + 0.9 × CurrentFloor damage, and swings its bone club 1.5 times per second.

Minisaacs receive wings if Isaac has any form of flight.

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