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#589Luna"The moon's blessing shines upon you"Passive item
Adds an extra Secret Room and Super Secret Room on each floor. Does not apply to the floor the item was picked up on.

Reveals one random Secret Room on the map on pickup, and at the start of each floor.

Secret Rooms will contain a shining beam of light that causes the following when entered:
+1 Half Soul Heart.
+1 fire rate for the first beam entered; +0.5 for all subsequent ones. Stat changes only apply for the current floor.
• Creates a strong shine around Isaac that is increased for every beam of light entered. It can be used to light up dark areas or fight the Curse of Darkness.

Beams of light don't appear in Ultra Secret Rooms.

No additional Secret Rooms are added in Greed Mode, Blue Womb, the Ascent, and Home.

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