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#703Esau Jr."Lost brother"Active item (1 room recharge time)
Swaps between the current character and Esau Jr., a separate character that has 3 Black Hearts, +2 flat damage, and flight.

Coins, bombs, and keys are shared between the 2 characters, but a separate inventory exists for everything else (health, items, consumables, trinkets).

When used for the first time, Esau Jr. receives random items equal to the number of items the original characters has. Each item is chosen from the same item pool as the original item. Only passive items are given substitutes. Items with the quest tag and set drops (such as The Small Rock) are not counted and won't get a substitute item.

If either character dies, they will both die.

Esau Jr. will receive any passive starting item the original character had, however, if said items are rerollable, they will count towards the number of items he should get, resulting in both the staring item and 1 extra to be obtained.

Using 5 different copies of Esau Jr. one after the other, starting from the 5th copy, Esau Jr.'s jar will break and create a familiar that behaves like Abel, and deals 7.5 damage per shot but at a faster fire rate.

Unlock: Defeat The Beast as Tainted Jacob.

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