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#582Wavy Cap"Tears up. A mind changing experience!"Active item (variable recharge time)
+0.75 fire rate.
-0.03 speed.

Distorts the screen and background music.

The effects can be stacked multiple times, making the colors turn very bright and intense after multiple uses.

Each use increases the item's charge time which starts at 0.5 seconds and goes up to 15 seconds after the 9th use. After the 10th use, it will no longer recharge automatically over time.

Leaving the room doubles the speed penalty and multiplies the fire rate bonus by x0.4 for the uses in that room.

Clearing a room removes one use's worth of penalties and bonuses.

This item contributes towards the Fun Guy transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will give Isaac +1 full red heart container.

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