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(1.58; ×0.2)
(12.38; ÷0.525)
(1.00; ×0.6)

0 coins, 1 bomb, 1 key.

Starting items
Phylactery (consumable slot)

Consists of 2 separate characters, the other one being Dante that spawn on opposite ends of the map, their goal being to meet up. Charon spawns in front of the boss room entrance.

Each room cleared locks all doors and forces Phylactery to be used in order to switch to the other character.

Entrance to the floor's boss is blocked before meeting up with the other character.

Defeating the floor's boss will spawn 2 items instead of 1.

Items with the charonShared tag are shared between both characters.

Items with the charonReroll tag cannot be acquired and will be rerolled if encountered. Getting them via the debug console is not possible either.

Meeting up
Upon combining, both characters' inventories get combined, and they receive Mom's Purse, Polydactyly, and Schoolbag.

Their health is also combined, and their stats modified:
x1.8 tears - previous multiplier no longer applies.
÷0.75 range - stacks with previous multiplier.

Charon becomes a familiar attached to one of Dante's cardinal directions and shoots alongside Dante. His direction can be changed by using Phylactery.

A Dime drops the first time Dante and Charon meet up in a run.

Shoots 4 tears at once, but each tear deals only 50% of Charon's damage.

The amount of tears and Charon's stats are boosted passively by Phylactery. Check the item's page for full details.

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