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Fiend FolioExcelsior"Explosive actives"Passive item
Applies a glitter effect onto Isaac's active item on the HUD.

Using any active item will shoot out fireworks that home in onto enemies and explode.

Fireworks damage both nearby enemies and the environment, including doors and obstacles, but they cannot hurt Isaac.

Fireworks will persist and continue spawning between rooms and floors.

Each firework deals 2x Isaac's damage, but is limited to a minimum of 7.

Fireworks that were launched by items with a timed recharge deal 34% less damage.

Single-use items spawn fireworks that deal 6x Isaac's damage.

The amount of fireworks launched depends on the maximum amount of charges of the active item, and equals to MaxCharges × 2 + 1.

If the active item has a timed recharge, the amount of fireworks is calculated with RechargeTime / 1.5.

Berserk! is an exception to the rules, and will always spawn 8 fireworks.

Items that can be used infinitely will not spawn any fireworks.

Single-use items will spawn 20 additional fireworks on top of the previous rules.

Items that must be held over the player's head before being activated will not spawn fireworks.

If the active item consumed any coins, keys, bombs, or hearts, it will spawn +2 fireworks for each of said pickups consumed.

+8 fireworks are spawned for each broken heart given by the active item.

+33% more fireworks are spawned if the Excelsior OST mod is active.

7.5 fireworks are launched per second.

Fireworks won't stop until they hit an enemy, and will loop in circles to do so. However, they have a time limit of 5 seconds, after which they automatically explode.

3 different firework sizes exist. They are applied if the rocket damage exceeds 12, or 24 respectively.

Fireworks inherit Isaac's bomb and tear effects.

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