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#c-1G FUEL!Passive item
This is a promotional item that can appear only during special daily runs, or by activating the secret easter egg seed GFVE LLLL.

Modifies Isaac's tears by replacing them with various guns, also affecting his stats. The effects of the item change based on how many copies of it have been acquired.

Each copy of the item grants +0.2 speed that breaks the normal speed cap of 2.0.

The item appears in the starting room of each floor. During Curse of the Labyrinth, 2 copies of the item will appear.

Every explosion effect is replaced with stock explosion footage and sound effects.

Makes enemies explode on death. The explosion is purely cosmetic and does not deal additional damage.

All consumable spawn animations are accompanied by explosion sprites as well.

Enemies grant far more score on death than usual. The amount of score is displayed when they die.

Water and blood in rooms is replaced with a light blue liquid.

Pressing the drop button plays an airhorn sound effect.

Most special floor tiles are replaced with G Fuel ones.

Replaces Isaac's nightmares during floor transition with unique G Fuel-themed versions.

1st copy +0.5 tears.
+0.2 shot speed.
+0.75 damage.

2nd copy +0.5 tears.
+1.8 shot speed.
+0.75 damage.

Replaces Isaac's tears with bullets that have increased knockback.

Speeds up the game. The game is further sped up with each subsequent copy.

3rd copy huge fire rate increase.
huge damage decrease.

Changes the firing pattern into 2 accurate, rapid-fire streams of bullets.

4th copy huge damage increase.
huge fire rate decrease.

Changes the firing pattern to a shotgun that shoots 8 bullets in a large spread at once. The bullets bounce off on impact with walls and obstacles.

Enemies gain a chance to multiply themselves. Each subsequent copy increases the number of multiplications.

5th copy damage increase.
fire rate increase.

Changes the attack into a slug shotgun whose bullets deal 4x Isaac's damage and bounce on impact with walls and obstacles.

6th copy damage increase.
huge fire rate increase.

Changes the attack into a rapid-firing minigun with low accuracy, that also pushes Isaac back when shooting. The bullets deal 60% of Isaac's damage.

7th copy damage increase.
+5 range.
huge fire rate decrease.

Changes the attack into a rocket launcher that deals explosive damage equal to 4x Isaac's damage to nearby enemies. The explosion can hurt Isaac for half a heart. It can destroy doors and obstacles.

8th copy Grants a random weapon from the previously listed, also using its stat changes.

9th copy onwards Grants a random weapon, and applies a random tear effect.

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