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#448Shard of Glass"Blood and guts!"Passive item
Grants a 25% chance to drop a full Red Heart upon taking damage.

Taking damage causes Isaac to bleed and constantly spew out red tears around him. The direction of the bleeding can be influenced by holding a fire button, which will slightly increase its range.

After bleeding for 20 seconds, Isaac will take half a heart of damage, but only red hearts and rotten hearts are affected. This damage also has a 25% chance to drop a red heart.

The damage over time effect will continue every 20 seconds until the bleeding is stopped by receiving any form of red heart or rotten heart healing. Eternal hearts also work.

Bleeding will also stop if Isaac has no more red or rotten hearts, or if the next bit of bleed damage will kill him.

The bleeding effect of the item won't activate if Isaac has no red or rotten hearts.

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