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#464Glyph of Balance"A gift from above"Passive item
+2 Soul Hearts.

Modifies drops from room clears and champion enemies depending on Isaac's held amount of pickups. It prioritizes drops as follows:
Soul Hearts: when Isaac has no red heart containers and less than 2 soul hearts.
Full Red Hearts: when Isaac is at half a red heart.
Keys: when Isaac has no keys.
Bombs: when Isaac has no bombs.
Pennies: when Isaac has less than 15 pennies.
Keys: when Isaac has less than 5 keys.
Bombs: when Isaac has less than 5 bombs.
Soul Hearts: when Isaac has less than 6 total heart containers of any kind.
• If none of the above criteria are met, pickups are dropped normally.

Cannot reroll chests.

Glyph of Balance drops can appear if the room would normally yield no reward. An exception to this rule are hearts drops in Hard Mode which have a separate chance of being replaced with an empty drop.

When playing as a character that cannot have red heart containers, red heart and soul heart drops are skipped from the above list.

Having a higher luck stat means that the effects of the Glyph will occur much less frequently, as room drops will often be replaced with chests that are immune to the Glyph.

Unlock: Defeat Ultra Greedier as Magdalene.

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