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#527Mr. ME!"Caaan do!"Active item (4 rooms recharge time)
Summons a ghost that follows Isaac and a controllable blue crosshair on the ground. The crosshair disappears after a few seconds, and the ghost will act based on what the crosshair's was targeting:

Item / Pickup / Trinket / Chest / Red Chest / Spiked Chest / Mega Chest: brings it to Isaac.

Shop or Devil Deal Item/Pickup: has a 50/50 chance to either grab the item for free or fail, making the ghost disappear and do nothing.

Locked Chest / Eternal Chest / Bomb Chest: opens it for free.

Button/Reward Plate: presses the button.

Enemy: attacks it until it dies or can no longer be targeted due to a form change or similar cause. Deals 3 damage per tick (9 per second).

Door: opens the door, even if locked. Can open the door to Mega Satan, Hush (only exit) and Boss Rush (only exit).

Secret Room entrance: blows up and opens the entrance.

Destructible obstacle / Shopkeeper / Machine / Beggar: explodes and destroys it.

Nothing: interacts with the object closest to Isaac.

Unlock: Open 20 Locked Chests.

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