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#530Death's List"Just hope you're not next..."Passive item
Upon entering a room, a skull appears over an enemy that spawned first. Killing the enemy will cause the skull to move to a different enemy.

Killing all enemies in the marked order will grant Isaac with a random reward.

If a non-marked enemy is killed, the skull will disappear and no bonus will be granted for that room.

Marked enemies are chosen starting from the top-left corner of the room. New enemies spawned afterward are added at the end of the list

Rooms with no enemies (e.g. only a button) will also give rewards.

Possible rewards:
+0.2 speed.
+0.5 range.
+0.5 fire rate.
+0.2 shot speed.
+1 damage.
+1 luck.
• Soul Heart.
• Pill.
• Key.
• Bomb.
• Nickel.

Unlock: Take 25 Deals with the Devil.

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