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#536Sacrificial Altar"He demands a sacrifice"Active item (one time use)
Sacrifices up to 2 of Isaac's familiars chosen at random, and spawns an item from a preset devil-deal-like list for each of them.

Converts specific familiars:
• Blue Flies, Blue Spiders, Clots, Locusts, Friendly Dips and Minisaacs into Pennies
Book of Virtues wisps into Half Hearts
Lemegeton wisps into Half Soul Hearts

Causes a brief Curse of Darkness.

Cannot sacrifice Incubus when playing as Lilith.

Can sacrifice familiars granted from trinkets, destroying the trinket in the process.

If an angelic familiar is sacrificed ( Guardian Angel / Seraphim / Sworn Protector), 2 Black Hearts will drop as well.

If Isaac already has all items that can be spawned, it will instead spawn 1-2 copies of Pentagram.

Unlock: Take 50 Deals with the Devil.

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