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#562Rock Bottom"It's only up from there"Passive item
Locks Isaac's stats to their highest values reached after picking up the item, preventing stats from ever going down.

The real values of Isaac's stats are still being calculated in the background, but only the highest values are applied.

For example, using The Book of Belial would normally grant +2 damage for the current room. Rock Bottom allows this bonus to be carried over for the rest of the run. However, since the original damage is calculated in the background, Isaac will have to earn more than +2 damage from other items in order to see an increase in overall damage.

It is recommended to stack as many temporary buffs at once as possible in order to reach high stat values.

Taking items that lower your stats may seem to not have an effect, but due to background calculation, doing this will make it more difficult to reach higher stats on the long run.

Unlock: Complete Boss Rush as Jacob and Esau.

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