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#575The Intruder"Invasive friend"Familiar
Causes Isaac to fire 4 slowing tears in addition to his regular ones 0.68 times per second that deal 1.5 damage each.

Upon taking damage, there's a luck-based chance for Isaac's head to pop off and spawn Blue Spiders, releasing the intruder familiar.

The familiar will leap at enemies, dealing up to 4.5 contact damage depending on how fast it's moving, 4.29 times per second, and will fire 4 slowing tears instead of Isaac, 1.88 times per second.

The chance for the familiar to pop off goes up to 100% with 4 luck.

The familiar only lasts for the current room, and reattaches to Isaac upon entering a new room.

This item contributes towards the Spider Baby transformation. Collecting 3 items from this set will spawn a spider familiar that applies random status effects when it comes in contact with enemies.

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