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#690Belly Jelly"Bounce away!"Passive item
Enemies and projectiles that touch Isaac have a 50% chance to bounce off of him and propel in the opposite direction. When this happens, damage to Isaac is negated.

Bounced off enemies will take damage upon hitting a wall or an obstacle, or another enemy. The damage is equal to 8 + 2 × CurrentFloor.

Only enemies that normally deal contact damage can be bounced off.

Bounced off projectiles deal 6 damage if they would deal half a heart of damage, or 7 if they would deal a full heart.

Lasers cannot be bounced off.

The bouncing mechanic also works for Fire Places and spikes enemies such as Poky, Slide and Grudge, granting a chance to avoid unintentional damage.

Unlock: Defeat The Beast as Tainted Magdalene.

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